Mackinder Forum Seminar #17: “International Business Needs Grand Strategy”

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On Sunday, October 11, 2020, 1:30-3:00 PM via WEBEX, Michael Hochberg presented a coauthored paper (with Leonard Hochberg) devoted to “International Business Needs Grand Strategy.” This paper is forthcoming in the Journal of Competitiveness Studies, Vol 28 (2), 2020.

The authors presented an interdisciplinary justification for why western-based international businesses should begin analyzing their ongoing activities through the lens of grand strategy in order to deal with adversarial government actions.

Michael Hochberg is a physicist and former professor who has founded four successful startup companies in semiconductors and telecommunications. One, Luxtera, was acquired by Cisco in 2019 and another, Elenion, was acquired by Nokia in 2020. He won the highest awards for young scientists in Singapore (NRF Fellowship) and the United States (PECASE).

Leonard Hochberg is the Coordinator of the Mackinder Forum-US and a Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI). Now a retired professor, he taught at various academic institutions, including Stanford University, held an appointment as a Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and co-founded Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (i.e., STRATFOR).

Geoff Sloan, Coordinator, Mackinder Forum-UK led this Mackinder Forum Seminar.