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The Mackinder Forum does not (at this time) maintain a “membership list” per se; nor do we collect dues. “Affiliates” may be invited, from time to time, to participate in workshops, attend conferences, and/or deliver papers or presentations. Our goal is to compile a list of individuals – scholars and practitioners – who (1) have an interest in geopolitical theory and/or empirical geopolitical analysis and (2) desire to engage in conversations regarding geopolitical developments, historical and contemporary.

How do I become an affiliate?

All affiliate applications are personally reviewed by the Coordinators of the Mackinder Forum. Please fill out the Affiliate Form below.

Affiliate Form


  • Ms. Rhea Abraham (India)
  • Mr. V. Anand (India)
  • Prof. Giuseppe Anzera (Italy)
  • Njdeh Asisian (location not provided)
  • Mr. Sergey Barinov (Russia)
  • Dr. Federico Bordonaro (Italy)
  • Dr. Martin D. Brown (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Bert Chapman (United States)
  • Luis Eduardo Coitiño (Uruguay)
  • Mr. Bradley J. Cole (United Kingdom)
  • Colonel (USMCR, Ret.), David W. Couvillon (United States)
  • Professor Mark Duckenfield (United States)
  • Visiting Prof. Philippe Forêt (Sweden)
  • Prof. Jakub Grygiel (United States)
  • Mr. Roberto Heimovits (Peru)
  • Prof. John Heppen (United States)
  • Dr. Irina Isakova (United Kingdom)
  • Ms. Dhanasree Jayaram (India)
  • Visiting Professor Milo Jones (Spain)
  • Mr. Robert Keenan (United States)
  • Prof. Nanda Kishor (India)
  • Dr. Arvind Kumar (India)
  • Prof. Pranav Kumar (India)
  • Mr. John A. Legrid (United States)
  • Dr. Silvia Marcu (Spain)
  • Dr. Emmanuel Navon (Israel)
  • Mr. Igor Okunev (Russia)
  • Prof. Steven Oluic (United States)
  • Prof. Sam Otterstrom (United States)
  • Mr. Alexandros Petersen (United States)
  • Prof. Dr. Reiner Pommerin (Germany)
  • Colonel (USArmy, Ret.) Philip Pugh (United States)
  • Mr. Vignesh Ram (India)
  • Rafael Regiani (Brazil)
  • Mr. Francis P. Sempa (United States)
  • Ms. Kate Reid-Smith (Australia)
  • Prof. Danilo Rogerio de Sousa (Brazil)
  • Prof. William R. Thompson (United States)
  • Prof. Rodney G. Tomlinson (United States)
  • Dr. Moshe Terdiman (Israel)
  • Sead Turcalo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Ozgur Ugurdan (United Kingdom)
  • Prof. Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez (Mexico)
  • Agustina Viillaggi (Argentina)
  • Julian Voje (Germany)
  • Dr. Daniel C. Walsh (United States)
  • Kenneth Weisbrode (United States)